Our Services

At Ace Capital we provide a wide range of financial solutions for our clients. These include:

Home Loans

Home Loans are used to purchase or refinance residential property. This could include houses, townhouses, apartments or units. We are able to source lenders who will provide funding for up to 97% of the property’s total value. We also do loans for self-employed borrowers using lo-doc or no-doc loan products.

Commercial Loans

Commercial loans are provided for commercial properties such as shops, offices and factories. These loans attract a higher interest rate than a residential mortgage and lenders usually only fund up to 75% of the property’s value. This is because commercial property is considered riskier than residential property.

Development Finance

Development finance is for property developers who need funds for construction. Interest rates are usually higher for this type of funding as it is considered a very risky venture due to uncertainties in the construction process. Ace Capital has extensive experience in this area and we are able to help you source funds for your next commercial or residential project.

Feasibility Study

It is an essential part of any development that a feasibility study be conducted to determine the viability of a project. This will let the developer get a rough indication of costs and profit margin. We can provide a succinct feasibility study for our clients that is tailored to answer all the questions that the banks will ask when they are going to fund a development.

Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine finance is funding for property developers who need additional funding to complete a project. This source of funds are generally very expensive (~20% p.a.) but our lenders will provide funding within a matter of weeks.

Second Mortgage/Caveat Loans

Second mortgage/caveat loans have a very high interest rates (24% p.a. and 6% per month respectively). They are used primarily by borrowers who have urgent cashflow issues or need funds quickly for business purposes. These are called ‘asset lending’ and rely on the value of the asset for security. We have a panel of private lenders with available funds and we can arrange for these to be provided to a client within a very short period of time.